Cornac helps you design and showcase reliable innovative solutions, aligned with best practices covering all aspects of IT systems (functional, non functional, scalability, security...).

Cornac is your trusted partner for digital services, creating clear and readable webdesigns, websites and multimedia content.





Cornac was founded in April 2020 by Florian JUVENETON

after working in the consulting sector as a Manager in Accenture Global Architecture Excellence for a decade. Florian contributed shaping large-scale border and law enforcement systems that make EU a safer place to live in.

Charlotte JUVENETON joined Cornac as a Digital Officer, in charge of communication, web-content and multimedia.

The Cornac sees the hidden trails within the jungle of complex IT project deliveries and the digital ecosystem, as a guide, a mentor that not only leads successfully but more importantly takes care of they crew and partners.


Cornac founder. Guiding clients in their deliveries becoming their ambassador towards suppliers and partners.


Certified biometrics expert & technical architect, fluent in three languages, I have 10+ years of experience in IT consulting worldwide.

I am here to help you succeed and share my expertise  with your clients. 

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- Florian JUVENETON -


​Expert in digital content and webdesign, I am here to help creating professional content, sleek websites and elegant presentations.

Thanks to my background as a professional photographer, I am sensible to esthetics. I highlight and capture the essence of your company.

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- Charlotte JUVENETON -


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23 a, rue des Fleurs,

67000 Strasbourg, France


Phone: +33 6 87 61 28 33


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His dedication, level of integrity coupled with his well managed, deep technical knowledge

make him a true leader

Vice President @ Atos

Thank you for your remarquable work ! Talented and extremely professionnal, full of ideas and subtleties.

Manager @ Independent

I discovered a full professional in the IT domain, coordinating an entire project with different consortiums. Above all, he showed valuable and appreciated soft skills, such as empathy, diplomacy, sense of humor and was simply an outgoing personality

Project manager

@ Unisys

One of the best project managers I worked with.

I have learned from his way of coordinating activities in normal or in crisis situations

Head of innovation

@ European court of justice

Unofficial coach

and a role-model,

effortlessly delivering

high quality output at

an inspiring throughput

Manager @ Accenture

She has very good advices. We were delighted to work with her for our professionnal portraits.

You can trust her with blind faith.

Team lead @ InFine

Working on the customer’s side,

I appreciated especially his willingness to find win-win solutions taking into account all dimensions

Head of sector @ eu-LISA

Very talented person who cares about the people he is working with and this, I believe, is really important to improve the level of

cooperation between people

Program manager @ IDEMIA

And many more on LinkedIn

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